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NJT industrial e-waste disposal service includes: the collection and recycling of non-working electronics, scrap circuit boards, manufacturing e-waste, electrical machinery, automation components and equipment to be recycled.

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Waste electronics, obsolete or broken electrical machinery, production scrap metals and plastics resulting from manufacturing, can easily be fully recycled 99% of the time. Saving costs while reducing waste and harm to the environment.

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E-Waste is a world-wide issue and can be toxic to the environment if not handled properly. NJT is partners with several environmentally-conscious recycling centers. Items will be disposed of to the proper establishment.

Sell Electronic E Waste

NJT Electronics Recycling Green Bay

Green Bay, city, seat (1854) of Brown county, eastern Wisconsin, U.S. It is situated where the Fox River empties into Green Bay (an inlet of Lake Michigan), about 110 miles (180 km) north of Milwaukee. Green Bay’s metropolitan area includes the city of De Pere and the villages of Ashwaubenon, Howard, and Allouez. Papermaking is a primary industry in Green Bay; other manufacturing (papermaking machinery, furniture, and packaging materials), food processing (meat, cheese and other dairy products, and vegetables), health care, insurance, agriculture (dairying), trucking, and tourism (a large casino is nearby) also contribute to the economy. A Great Lakes port of entry with heavy shipping, the city has a large wholesale and distributing business. Britannica

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